Join date: Dec 27, 2019

I'm not a cc creator but I do publish a lot of my sims with peoples cc! I love sims 4 and the community. I never stopped downloading cc even when it destroyed my laptop. I've found ways to prevent that. Most of my mods haven't caused any damage yet except for taking a long time to load øwø.

Anyways my interests are: Traveling, Eating, Anime, Art, Sims 4, Gaming, Playing with my 12 week old puppy, dancing, talking, music, shopping, swimming, and I love finding interesting things.

I'm not interested in: Spiders, Scary movies, snakes, ants of any type, argueing, people who put themselves in front of others, politics, and that's pretty much it.

Favorite foods: Ramen, anything Japanese or Chinese except for Sushi, I'm not a big sushi fan

Favorite Colors: Black, White, Light purple.

(More Later) ØıØ

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